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How would I live in a manner that is satisfying to God alone?

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Living before God’s face is to be faithful to God’s edicts any place you are: work, school, home, church, with individuals or alone. It is to consider what is satisfying to God in thought, word, and activity. It is simpler to serve and be acceptable when individuals are viewing. In any case, God’s Word clarifies that devotion is required when I am separated from everyone else also. “In this manner, we make it our point, regardless of whether present or missing, to be well satisfying to Him.” 2 Corinthians 5:9.

In the event that Jesus strolled into the room at some random time, would I be embarrassed about what I was doing or viewing? Accomplishing something in the shrouded that would bring disgrace on the off chance that others saw is a reasonable sign that it isn’t satisfying to God. At the point when we are straightforward to God about our shortcomings, at that point He can assist us with defeating them. He is tracking with intently every snapshot of the day. Living before God’s face is to have all “rooms” or aspects of your life open to God, His judgment, and His assistance.

Imagine a scenario in which the contemplations I was intentionally harping on were anticipated on a screen for individuals to see. Somebody sees our considerations: God, the most significant “Somebody.” To meet the prerequisite of loyalty in the covered up, particularly an unadulterated idea life, genuineness and help through petition are required.

Satisfying God and living before His face is looking for His will in circumstances and choices of all shapes and sizes. Now and again others can attempt to impact our choices. Others, really dear loved ones, don’t generally comprehend or concur with the choices we make in dependability to God. We can be hesitant to make the right decision since it may not be acknowledged well by others. My companions share about choices that were a reasonable decision to live before God rather than individuals.

It costs something to live before God’s face. It requires surrendering your will, denying your normal want for respect and endorsement, and battling to keep your musings unadulterated consistently. However, it is totally justified, despite all the trouble! Here are more advantages of living before God’s face:

  • A great, clean heart
  • A significant relationship with God
  • Access to help and direction for a glad life
  • Unshakable certainty that originates from realizing you are living in a manner that is satisfying to God
  • Life is new and fascinating – looking for and finding what is directly in every circumstance
  • Freedom to think, do, and be acceptable paying little heed to others and intrinsic inclinations
  • An everlasting compensation for every steadfast choice, of all shapes and sizes
  • Blessing for this life and time everlasting

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