Domestic Programs

Domestic Programs, Head Office-Fargo/Moor-head Area, Midwest, USA

The Young Shepherds’ Domestic program strives to provide needed basic services to theNew African American Immigrant communities living in Fargo-Moorhead Area in the Midwest, U.S., and it includes the following activities:

  • Improve  the Young Shepherds’ head office in Fargo, North Dakota, USA.
  • Conduct Adult Education to New Americans in learning English as a second Language (ESL), plus other foreign languages such as Arabic, Kiswahili, French, Spanishand some indigenous African languages.
  • Conducting capacity building training programs for the New African New Americans in variety of some  basic professional skill development training programs  such as in healthcare, agricultural modern tools/equipment, sewing, dyeing, brick making, tiles, plumbing, welding, electrical, carpentry, computer, hotel management, ticketing and reservations etc.
  • Conduct Driving and Citizenship Lessons for the New African American immigrants living in Fargo/Moorhead Metropolitan Area in the Midwest, USA.
  • Conduct youth programs to the New African American Immigrants in leadership, peace education and conflict resolution and management, North Dakota, USA.
  • Establish Daycare and recreational community center for the South Sudanese/Sudanese New Americans, so, they have easy access to a meeting place for community social gathering of all kinds  in Fargo/Moorhead Metropolitan Area in the USA.
  • Promote good understanding and relationship for smooth co-existence of livelihood between the New African Americans, and the American people.
  • Keep track of new arrivals among the New African American immigrants to facilitate easy follow ups of their acclimatization process.
  • Initiate and provide residential public quarters to the veterans of New African American Immigrants.