Who We Are

The Young Shepherds is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization registered under the Laws of North Dakota State in the US. It was also registered as a National organization with the Department of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management; and, with the State Ministry of Social Development, Yambio, Western Equatoria State Republic of South Sudan.

The Young Shepherds is a non-profit organization registered in South Sudan since2010, concentrating on reducing neediness and bring smiles to uncountable individuals. We do this through very much arranged and extensive activities in wellbeing, education, employment, and calamity readiness and reaction. Our general objective is strengthening unprivileged poor and underestimated networks prompting improvement in their lives and community.
The Young Shepherds has made a significant move in its programming approach throughout the years. From direct help arrangement to empowering poor and defenseless gatherings, The Young Shepherds has advanced into a rights-based association so as to address hidden reasons for destitution. Our emphasis is unequivocally on the prosperity, social position, and privileges of women and girls from minimized networks.

– Why We Do Our Work –
The Southern Sudan has been wrecked by two decades of civil war. 2 million people reported having died from war-induced diseases, famine, and starvation. Another 4 million people had left the country as refugees to neighboring countries and for resettlement. Others had been displaced internally. The war had an immeasurable impact on the land as a result of the mass destruction of general infrastructure.
The Young Shepherds strives to participate in the reconstruction and economic development process in war-ravaged regions to improve the living conditions to the poor communities in Southern Sudan.