Our Board Members & Trustees 2020 – 2025

The Young Shepherds’ Board of Directors &Trustees composed of volunteers and representatives scattered globally in countries that include; the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and some parts of Africa. However, there is a branch office in Juba, South Sudan-Africa that has not been included in this category. Few to be mentioned include:

Dr. Kenneth Adam Masungu

( Founder/President and Chief Coordinator )

Kenneth Adam Masungu (Ed. D): Is the founder, President and Chief Coordinator of the Young Shepherds. He is originally from South Sudan but currently an American Citizen. Dr. Masungu earned a Doctorate in Education from North Dakota State University (NDSU), USA, majoring in General Education, and a Master degree in Educational Administration from North Dakota State University (NDSU), USA. In addition, he holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in English Literature and Linguistic from Assuit University in Egypt, Africa. For his Education Doctoral Degree (Ed. D), Dr. Masungu wrote a dissertation on “A Decentralized Educational System in Southern Sudan”, an achievement that qualified him to work with the Government of South Sudan Ministry of General Education and Instruction as a Curriculum Developer for the South Sudan National Curriculum.

In addition, he worked as a Program Director for Teacher Education Training Program, funded by the World Bank Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF). Dr. Masungu is a teacher by profession and had worked in this field for over 30 years with a concentration on school administration and swiftly climbed to the position of a High School Principal in Sudan. He also worked with the World Vision International in Khartoum-Sudan as an Assistant Personnel Manager, Assistant News Editor-Heritage English Newspaper-Khartoum Sudan and Post & Telegraph Training-Juba, South Sudan. In 2016, he was appointed as a State Secretary of Education in one of the States in South Sudan but declined the offer. Dr. Masungu as a talented person, had several other professions which were not reflected here on this list.

From 2006-2007, he was employed by the Academy for Educational Development (AED) office in Washington, DC and posted to South Sudan as a Technical Educational Adviser to the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MoEST) for the Government of South Sudan (GOSS). During his tenure in the office, he developed several policy documents that facilitated the establishment of the new educational system in Southern Sudan.

Dr. Masungu, in his capacity as the Founder, President, and the Chief Coordinator of the Young Shepherds, leads, directs, manages, administers, plans, and guides the Young Shepherds strategic planning and does most of the secretarial work of the organization. For more information and questions pertaining to The Young Shepherds, he can be contacted at the below-given details: Email : dekongs@gmail.com     Phone : (701) 541-7936

Mr. Robert Stone

( Chairperson, Board of Directors and Trustees )

Mr. Robert Stone, commonly known as Uncle Bob: Is an American senior citizen who serves voluntarily as the Chairperson of the Young Shepherds’ Board of Trustees. Bob earned a Master Degree in Educational Administration from Tri-college Minnesota State University (MSU), and a bachelor’s degree (BA) in Social Studies, majoring in secondary teaching (NDSU). He worked for 30 years for the State of North Dakota, retiring as State Director of the North Dakota Division of Independent Study located on the North Dakota State University campus.

In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors, as the Worship Chairperson at First Congregation United Church of Christ (UCC), on the Board of Directors for the Bleeding Disorders Alliance of North Dakota, and as a committee member of the “Breaking Barriers” oral history project of the Red River Rainbow Seniors. When working in partnership with Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, Bob helped resettle Sudanese family of nine in North Dakota.

He is also instrumental for the establishment of the Young Shepherds, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization registered under the Laws of the State of North Dakota. In his voluntary position as the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, he is responsible for calling the board’s meetings. As such, he leads, manages and directs the Board of Trustees in all matters of The Young Shepherds.

Advocate Watama E. Banyi

( Legal Advisor )

Advocate, Watama E. Banyi : Is the Legal Advisor of the Young Shepherds. He is a South Sudanese Canadian. Honorable Banyi earned a bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB), majoring in Islamic Sharia Law from El Azahar Islamic University in Cairo, Egypt. After a successfully completion of his university studies, he returned to Sudan and was appointed as a lawyer.

He is competent in circular and Sharia Law practices and has worked extensively as a Senior Judge in Sudan and South Sudan’s High Court of Appeal, dealing with the prosecution of criminal cases and investigating cases related to Islamic Sharia Law.

He also served as a secondary school teacher and taught classic Arabic in secondary schools established for internal displaced people in Khartoum, Sudan. These schools focused on the absorption of displaced South Sudanese students in the north during the two decades of civil war in Southern Sudan (1983-2005).

Mrs. Helen Reddy

( Health Coordinator )

Mrs. Helen Reddy: Is an American Medical Physician’s Assistant (PAC) and serves voluntarily as the Health Coordinator of the Young Shepherds. Mrs. Helen has worked extensively in this profession in many public and private clinics and hospitals in North Dakota.

She majored in general medical practices. Since being the health coordinator, she is instrumental in directing, advising, planning, coordinating and networking all matters relating to The Young Shepherds’health programs.

Mr. Vincent S Damata

( Treasurer )

Mr. Vincent S. Damata: Is the treasurer of the Young Shepherds (TYS). Mr. Damata is a South Sudanese Canadian living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Mr. Damata holds Master of Science Degree in Project Management from George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Accounting from York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In addition, he earned a diploma in Accounting from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and a Bachelor of Science (BSC) Degree in Agriculture from Alexandria University in Egypt. From 2007 to 2011, Mr. Damata worked as a Financial Management Specialist for the World Bank Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) Project for Education Rehabilitation Program in South Sudan.

Mr. Damata has more than 15 years of accounting and finance management work experience. He has worked as Accountant and Finance Officer for various profit and non-profit organizations in USA, Canada, South Sudan and Sudan. In his capacity as the treasurer of The Young Shepherds, he plans, prepares the budget, and keeps track of all financial transactions and expenditures. He advises and directs the organization on general financial matters, transparency, and accountability. For matters related to finance, he can be contacted at the below given details: Email: damatavincent@gmail.com   Phone : (647)344-0895

Mr. Julius Elikia Toma Tona

( Donor Liaison Officer )

Mr. Julius Elikia Toma Tona: Is a South Sudanese American and works as a volunteer in the position of a Donor Liaison Officer of the Young Shepherds. He holds a Bachelor of Science (BSC) Degree in Agriculture from Alexandria University in Egypt.

Mr. Tona is a charismatic and a dynamic young man with a vision and passion for connecting young South Sudanese. He teaches self-respect, love and unity in diversity to the South Sudanese in Diaspora. Inspired by the spirit of self-help projects initiated by the Young Shepherds, he concurred and adhered to the implementation of the proposed economic development programs in South Sudan, and the promotion of the South Sudanese Community in the Fargo/Moorhead Area as well as in other parts of the U.S.

Mr. Tona, in conjunction with his willingness to provide voluntary services with the Young Shepherds, he is also committed to serving as the chairperson of the Moru Community in the United States, and several other social service commitments among the South Sudanese community in Diaspora. As a Donor Liaison Officer, he coordinates, leases, keeps tracks of all donations, records and reports to the treasurer the funding resources of the organization.  

Eng. David A. Lukudu

( Program Officer )

Eng. David A. Lukudu: Is a South Sudanese American who voluntarily serves as Program Officer of the Young Shepherds. Eng. Lukudu holds two Bachelor of Science (BSC) Degrees in Geology, one from North Dakota State University (NDSU), USA and the other from the Zagazig University in Egypt, Africa.

As an expert scholar with skills, strength, and ability in research work and a practicum that focused on the general study of mineralogy during his university studies, he is an asset and an excellent match to the Young Shepherds. He is good at designing research programs that focus on the exploration and excavation of the variety of minerals in South Sudan.

These merits led him to be assigned to this voluntary position as he can program, plan, advise, direct and coordinate with the legal stakeholders on the ground on how to protect and extract mineral resources in South Sudan. He is also responsible for the implementation of all the Young Shepherds programs in both the USA and South Sudan.

Mr. Kennedy Danga

( Construction Specialist )

Mr. Kennedy Danga is a South Sudanese American and designated as a voluntary Construction Specialist of the Young Shepherds. Mr. Danga holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Surrey University in UK and a Master of Engineering (MEng.) from City, University of London, UK majoring in Civil and Structural Engineering.

He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 20 years of experience in construction industry. His work experience includes working in Africa, the Middle East, UK and USA.

Mr. Danga is responsible for all the construction programs of the Young Shepherds in South Sudan as he advises, directs, coordinates and collaborates with the stakeholders on the ground about the construction, renovation and reconstruction of South Sudan’s ruined infrastructures such as schools, healthcare centers, feeder-roads and bridges.

Mrs. Mary Keleyona Damata

( Secretary for Gender and Social Change )

Mrs. Mary Keleyona Damata: Is a South Sudanese Canadian citizen. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BA) from AL Afaad Women’s University in Khartoum, Sudan. She is skillful and dynamic in social work, especially caring for people with disabilities and special needs.

Mary has worked extensively in this field in Africa and in Canada. Serving as the Secretary of Gender and Social Change for the Young Shepherds, she is responsible for all women’s programs and social work. Mrs. Damata, though serving on a voluntary basis, loves the job, because she has the zeal and passion toward improving her community.

Mr. Elonai Henry Masungu

( IT Specialist )

Mr. Elonai Henry Masungu: Is a South Sudanese American and serves as an IT Specialist on a voluntary basis for the Young Shepherds organization. Mr. Masungu is an expert in computer science. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Cybersecurity and a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Security from Marymount University in Arlington, VA, USA.

In addition, he has a Graduate Certificate in Computer Security and Information Assurance, an Associate Degree in Computer Network Systems, Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Networking and Cybersecurity, IT industry certificates Comp TIA (A+, Comp TIA Network +, Security+), Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Windows 7 and Configuration. Professionally he is a Library Systems Specialist with Marymount University, Arlington, VA.

Mr. Masungu is also active in social activities and currently serves as the Secretary of Information for Equatorian South Sudanese Community Association (ESSCA-USA) in the United States. In addition, he is an active member of the local South Sudanese Community Association in the Washington, DC Metro area. The above-mentioned merits qualify him for the position in this self-help community-based organization. He is responsible for all computer programs of the Young Shepherds as he advises, administers, leads and directs the organization in IT programs.

Mrs. Penina Kenneth Adam

( Fundraising Officer )

Mrs. Penina Kenneth Adam: Is a South Sudanese American and is the Fundraising Officer of the Young Shepherds organization. Mrs. Penina Adams is an effective and skilled, hardworking woman in fundraising activities amongst the South Sudanese Community in North Dakota.

She is also active in Church activities with the Choir Group and several other social services among her South Sudanese Community. Mrs. Adams is responsible for all the strategies relating to fundraising programs.

Mr. Wilson M Kalome

( Secretary for Foreign Relations )

Mr. Wilson M Kalome: Is a South Sudanese Canadian and is the Young Shepherds’ Secretary for Foreign Relations. Mr. Kalome is a holder of an Associate Degree in Business Administration.

He is responsible for International Relations especially in conducting meetings with some International Nonprofit organizations and other groups with programs that aspire for implementation of economic development programs in South Sudan, Africa.

Rev. Chance Geoffrey Peter

( Outreach Program Officer )

Rev. Chance Geoffrey Peter: Is a South Sudanese American and is the Outreach Program Officer of the Young Shepherds. Rev. Peter is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry from Nazarene Bible College, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA and an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan, USA.

In addition, he is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies at Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. As an Outreach Program Officer to the Young Shepherds, Rev. Chance Geoffrey Peter provides counseling and spiritual support to the South Sudanese and other new African Americans in this program.

Mrs. Hanan Henry Masungu

( Communication and Advocacy Officer )

Mrs. Hanan Henry Masungu: Is a South Sudanese American and serves with the Young Shepherds on a voluntary basis as a Communication and Advocacy Officer.

Mrs. Masungu is skilled in communication networking. As a result, she is responsible for disseminating all the official information among the Young Shepherds’ members about matters relating to the organization’s operations.

Mr. Andrew MohandisZarah

( Youth Program Officer )

Mr. Andrew Mohandis Zarah: Mr. Zarah is designated as Youth Program Officer. He is a South Sudanese by Nationality and a Permanent Resident of North Dakota. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (BSC), majoring in social studies, and a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Troy University, Alabama, USA.

Mr. Zarah is an associate member of Four Corners Ministry in Alabama that focuses on educating South Sudanese orphans and refugees in Uganda. In addition, he volunteers as the Secretary General of Vestry at St John the Divine Episcopal Church in Moorhead, Minnesota State USA, and as a Secretary General of Western Equatoria Community Association (WECA).

He is a dynamic person in youth programs in the USA and in Africa. As a result, he is responsible and leads the organization in all youth programs.  

Mr. Nelson Mandela K Adam

( Public Relation Officer )

Mr. Nelson Mandela K Adam: Is a South Sudanese American and holds the volunteer position of Public Relations Officer of the Young Shepherds. Mr. Adam is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Minnesota State University (MSU), USA.

He is dynamic in Public Relations as accentuated by a zeal of his professional skills in security issues, acquired during his services as an active member of the North Dakota National Guard. As a volunteer member to The Young Shepherds, Mr. Adam advocates for peaceful coexistence and good relations of the Young Shepherds’ operation among the North Dakota public.