Our Mission

Activities, key, hierarchical structures and strategies at TheYoungShepherds are unequivocally guided by the accompanying Vision, Mission and Values

To make this world a better place to live in harmony and love. They share the joy and love of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The Young Shepherds’ mission is to improve lifelong education, healthcare, agriculture, water and sanitation, infrastructure, micro-finance and small business in war-torn Southern Sudan. To enable people, families, networks, and society with anticipation and intercession abilities and mend its mental, social, and physical results.

The Young Shepherds’ Programs are being carried on two prongs:
1) Domestic programs to service Fargo, ND & Moorhead, MN area, USA.
2) International Programs in South Sudan; However, when funding becomes available, humanitarian and Relief programs will be extended to other neighboring African countries.

“Our dream is to one day establish a daycare and recreational community center for the Sudanese

Our Values

  • To guarantee a total straightforwardness in the entirety of our endeavors, working as per imperative guidelines and reliably endeavor to be genial, receptive, and pleasing in each respect.
  • To treat every person and element we run into as equivalents, maintaining the standards of decency and fairness and guaranteeing equivalent open door for each one of those related with TheYoungShepherds and past.
  • To regard each other’s perspectives and sentiments inside the association and with individuals, you work with as a delegate of TheYoungShepherds.
  • To communicate, our sentiments, recommendations, and emotions in a deferential way while in regards to the nobility and self-esteem of others and esteeming the other individual’s world.
  • To endeavor to convey the highest caliber of work without bargain, with a dream to make do with downright the best in each part of our working while at the same time speaking to our endeavors in the segment. To do everything with greatness and purity of soul.
  • To be sorted out in one’s work while rousing others to exceed expectations and arrive at the ideal degrees of their latent capacity.
  • To work with respectability and guaranteeing the pride of every one of those engaged with our undertakings is consistently maintained.
  • To agree to all laws, rules, and guidelines offered to as a component of an association.
  • To have the reason and assurance to work for the set objectives notwithstanding obstacles and difficulties confronted. A faithful confidence in oneself and the hierarchical command will encourage considering difficulties to be learning openings as opposed to mishaps.
  • To work in a way that is considered totally dependable and be completely dedicated to being responsible to all desires set by TheYoungShepherds in such manner.
  • To be empathetic with one another and with our recipients so one can go past relating can progress in the direction of reducing the torment. Each worker who is enrolled or who keeps on being a piece of the TheYoungShepherds family needs to firmly present and try to these qualities in their activities, thoughts, and articulation.
  • To keep up elevated levels of energy and excitement in the quest for accomplishing our main goal and satisfying our vision.