Our Objectives & Goals

The overall goal of The Young Shepherds is to improve and values education, affordable healthcare services, agriculture, churches, clean drinking water supply and sanitation, infrastructure, micro-finance and small business in war-torn Southern Sudan. Therefore, the Young Shepherds is committed and dedicated to achieving the goals and the following objectives in:

  • Promoting education in general, especially education for girls, adult education, literacy and numeracy, early childhood development, inclusive education and orphaned children,
  • Providing in-service training for teachers, healthcare workers and general leadership especially among the youth and women,
  • Initiating and promoting short-term and long-term vocational and life skills training programs,
  • Promoting health care services, hygiene, water and sanitation plus nutrition in schools,
  • Helping in the reconstruction and construction of schools, healthcare centers, churches and light infrastructures such as feeder roads and small bridges,
  • Promoting modern agricultural programs, mixed-farming and food security in emergency situations,
  • Encouraging community in income generating activities (IGA) through promotion of micro-finance and small businesses,
  • Encouraging women empowerment in micro-socio-economic business and entrepreneurship,
  • Providing school materials, textbooks, exercise books, school uniforms, school bags etc.,
  • Initiating residential public living houses especially to the war veterans and people with special needs,
  • Promoting youth programs  amongst the Community,
  • Conducting peace education, conflict resolution and management,
  • Providing English as a second language (ESL), Citizenship and driving classes to the new Americans.