International Programs

International/Overseas Programs in Africa

The Young Shepherd’s program seeks to improve lifelong education, healthcare services, agriculture, water and sanitation, infrastructure, a micro-finance, and small business, etc. in war-torn South Sudan, and implementation of some humanitarian, Relief, and economic development programs in the neighboring African countries Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Central African Republic. This includes the following Initiatives:

  • Renovation and construction of schools, hospitals, healthcare centers, training centers, churches, community-based colleges, and fixing of light  infrastructure such as small  bridges that had been destroyed by the civil war,
  • Construction and drilling of boreholes and installation of water pipes,
  • Promotion of modern agricultural and farming tools, mixed-farming and supply of seeds to the local farmers,
  • Conduction of training to the local farmers and the community in modern agricultural tools/equipment and technology in various levels,
  • Promotion of clean drinking water system, sanitation, sewage’s and hygienic modern system and public health,
  • Provision of residential public quarters to war veterans, elderly, and people with disabilities/special needs,
  • Conduction of  HIV/AIDS awareness training to the community,
  • Initiation and encouragement of parents to enlighten the young ladies and boys about the South Sudanese African cultural, traditions and heritage,
  • Provision and empowerment of women in Income Generating Activities (IGA) in entrepreneur micro-finance and small business skills  to enable them in playing role in the economic development of the nascent Republic of South Sudan,
  • Conduction of leadership programs among the youth in peace education, conflict resolution, awareness for drug abuse, addiction, bullying, and violence, etc.
  • Initiation and construction of Community Colleges that would later be upgraded as State Universities
  • Construction of elevated water towers, water ponds/cisterns, and modernization of some local swamps and water reservoirs.