TYS’ Meeting with Bush Foundation’s Core Visitation Team on May 22, 2019 at Moorhead, MN
TYS doesn’t have a patron that provides a startup operational capital to support implementation of its programs. As a result, it is seeking financial support from some Samaritan big NGOs such as the Bush Foundation and many others. The Bush Foundation since its establishment had been supporting many small 501(C)(3) nonprofit organizations registered in the Midewest Region, USA and around the globe to enable them implement their Community Innovastive projects.

The above picture reflects one of the TYS’ and its other four (4) sisterly partners’meeting with the Bush Foundation Core Visitation Team to defend a collaborative grant proposal they had submitted to the Bush Foundation for funding. So, the Visitation Team came to see and learn more about the Young Shepherds’ and its 4 partners visions and operations to justify this collaborative grant proposal. The purpose of the grant was to explore funding to support the four (4) organizations’ community needs especially training, establishment of a shared Office Space and several other things that support self-sufficiency to each of the four organizations.