The main goal of The Young Shepherds’ Outreach program is to provide and encourage Christian activities among the Christian community. The purpose is to develop closer relationship with God as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ through their relationship with one another. The Young Shepherds is aware that “Faith is caught and not taught”. Therefore, our outreach Bible-based program focuses on teaching Scripture to the Christian believers from the Old and the New Testament stories.

Empirically, during the two decades of civil war in former Southern Sudan from 1983-2005 that erupted between the Christian South, and the Muslim North, two million people reported to have died of the conflict and war-induced famine and disease. It is worth noting that during the civil war in Southern Sudan, churches have become the backbone of the Sudanese communities. Many Sudanese continued to participate in church activities that helped in bringing people together to counsel and help one another. This is especially important since almost every family has lost a member (s) in the civil war. Church activities also helped people to find solace and hope. Although churches have been in constant peril because of possible bombardments by the Sudan Government, they consistently played effective role in giving the internal displaced persons (IDPs) protection, shelter, food, clothes and moral support. Consequently, it contributed in increasing the number of Christian believers as well as creation of many local churches in Sudan/South Sudan.

In other development, TYS also noted that at the advent of revival of churches in Sudan; the traditional old norms connected with funeral rites, marriage ceremonies and other local feasts that used to be celebrated in traditional way are now being conducted in a Christian manner. Through church campaigns the local communities have been able to decrease the rate of prostitution, HIV/AIDS and other venereal diseases. Thus, promoting churches to become the centers of Sudanese life.